We are thrilled at the prospect of being first time home owners together. Many of you have generously asked if there is anything we need for our wedding. Though your presence is what would make us smile most, if you are so inclined, we have picked out some things to help make our dream home a reality. We are saving for our down payment and once we get settled, we will use the gift money to bring it all together. Each day that we have the privilege of coming home to our own place, we will think of you, and how you have enriched our lives.

Thank you for helping us build a place to live and love- A place to welcome family and friends.

We have chosen this website because it is safe and secure and very convenient.

This website is our first preference of how you can best help us if you like, but please know that what we desire most is your presence (not presents).

We look forward to seeing you at our wedding,
Love from Greg and Jayne

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